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Association Management

Seamless Events is dedicated to forming a true partnership with your association to bring you comprehensive management services.

We can help weave together a level of service ensuring every critical element of your association is operationally sound and on the forefront of bringing value to your members – all while allowing each board leader the opportunity to focus on the growth of the organization and not burdened by the extensive details that come with a volunteer position.

Let us help you and your organization with any of our following Association Management specialties:

  • Association Headquarters — Maintain consistency for your members and candidates with one central location for mail, email and phone calls.
  • Board Management — Provide structure and organization for Board Members through meeting management, assistance with volunteers, and trusted guidance.
  • Financial Management — Maintain all financial records while managing accounts receivables, payables and bank accounts.
  • Meeting & Conference Management — Covers every details of your meetings and/or conferences, including research and venue selection, speaker care, vendor selection, timeline and budget creation, onsite management, travel, and more.
  • Membership Management — Create and maintain the membership database to ensure important communications are received and key membership elements are kept up-to-date.
  • Membership Recruitment & Retention — Develop and assist with recruiting and retaining efforts while working to maintain the database to ensure communications are tracked and received.
  • Registration Management — Streamline the registration process in order to make your events run smoothly; this includes regular registration updates to key association personnel in addition to providing information and reminders to registrants.
  • Strategic Management — Provide long-term plans for the future of the Association with expert foresight and thought. Working alongside key players to bring the association to the forefront of the industry.